A native of Sunapee NH, brought up on a rural farm, I moved to the islands of the Bahamas in 1990 and from there have been pursuing my creative expression through the medium of watercolor. I return frequently to New England, dividing my time between the two places, which brings me a variety of visual excitement that inspires my artwork. I especially find pleasure in painting the many simple beauties of the natural world around me. I paint to share the experiences I live that have an emotional influence on me.  

Having the good fortune to travel extensively has also had a significant impact on my artwork. In recent years, my exposure to the plight of many wildlife species has turned me into an artist-activist. I feel a responsibility to help those with whom we share the earth and my best way to help is to visually express and represent their beauty, bringing an appreciation of them to others. The plight of the African Elephant in particular has inspired me to raise awareness of their possible extinction in our lifetime. I am compelled to share my love of them through the visual language of my artwork, hoping to give a voice to these creatures that cannot speak for themselves.

Art is where I find my magic in life. I am aware that creating something out of nothing is a gift that comes through me more than from me and this gift gives me a sense of awe and enchantment. It keeps me interested in delving deeper into my work.

 My focus as an artist is to spend time with nature, watching, listening, observing, and then creating an artistic reply. I enjoy a soulful connection in that exchange. It is in this spiritual communication I find harmony with the rhythms of the cycles of life and the secrets of the forest, the sea, and the elephants. I paint my experiences: both real world and dream world. I make every effort to capture the magic beyond the five earthly senses, to connect with nature on that delicate and complex level beyond so that I may convey the voice and essence of nature's own creative spirit in the spontaneous and demanding medium of watercolor.