African Wild Life

Animal sightings in the arid African environment are exciting at a visceral level. Observing an African elephant or leopard in their natural surroundings is one of the most unimaginable beautiful things one can ever experience. It’s multi-sensory – the colors, the smell, the sound, the anticipation of their next move. This collection of wild life images portrays both the mysterious nature and the familiar community of the animals I encountered.


The Bahamas offers an enchanting combination of sun, sea and sand with year-round greenery from one end of the island to another. Amid the beautiful elements of light and color lie luscious foliage and flora and fauna that challenge the imagination. The people of the Bahamas offer a welcoming attitude and smiling hospitality filled with warmth. These paintings capture the beauty that extends far beyond the natural wonders of these islands, and capture a few of my favorite ‘tings’ from this magical place.


Sometimes dreams are straightforward in their meaning to the dreamer, and sometimes they are mysterious. They are a universal language of emotional concepts. We each associate different meaning with the symbols and images that visit us in our nightly slumber. The meaning is always a reflection of our own lives, passions and concerns.

Fine Art

Welcome to this beautiful and deeply personal collection of work by Susan Sargent. Here you’ll find original work - one of a kind pieces in different mediums. Each is an expression of Susan’s creativity and imagination. Color and stroke portray the moods, feelings and stories of her travels and home. Each image is meant to evoke an emotion and to connect with the viewer in a shared sense of experience. 

New England

To live in New England, is to intimately know the nuances of four distinctive seasons. Each speaks to the human senses and plays with the full range of our emotions. Breathtaking, stunning, lush, ethereal, fragile, dark, pensive, patient. The beauty and solitude of the forest and the farm land stimulate both the primitive self and our sublime aspirations. A constant conversation with the land connects us back to ourselves.

Note Cards

The fine art designs of Susan Sargent on 100% Premium Cotton stock, with distinctive envelopes of complementary quality. An elegant means to share these distinctive designs, each 5 x 7 card is ready for adding a personalized message for someone special. 


Susan Sargent’s Stunning art available in limited editions. Each comes on fine art paper with a light, watercolor texture and delicate feel. The image is printed on matte paper, creating a stunning Giclee print that will last for years to come.